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One of the most respected exponents of the Scots fiddle tradition today and as such is in regular demand to perform at concerts, festivals and clubs. He has traveled the world with his music and regularly performs on TV and radio. Buy Now - land of the standing stones CD album Also available at or download via itunes Please use the contact form to book Paul. View Paul's Diary. " In the North-East fiddle tradition Paul Anderson sets the standard which others aim for. His phrasing, tone and control are all superb." Music in Scotland


Amoungst Scotland's foremost traditional composers with around 450 tunes composed in the traditional Scottish idiom, many of which appear in his Lochnagar Collection (published by Highland Music Trust). He has written for TV, film and stage, his music has been performed at the BBC Scottish Proms and he was nominated as composer of the year at the BBC Alba Trad Music awards in 2012 (this might have to change in the unlikely event of me winning on the 8th). Paul regularly accepts commissions and would be delighted to hear from you.


Paul is one of Scotland's most successful fiddle tutors with his pupils regularly winning fiddle championships all over Scotland. Notable pupils include Anne Nicol, Kathryn Matthews, Stuart Robertson, Eilidh Anderson, George and Stuart Davidson and Glenfiddich Scottish Fiddle Champions Raemond Jappy and Nicola Auchnie. Paul is also in regular demand as a workshop leader and lecturer having led workshops at St Andrew's University, Aberdeen University, the traditional music course at Benbecula college, all five North Atlantic Fiddle Conventions and workshops in Canada, Australia and the USA.


Due to the amount of space required I decided not to include background notes for all of my original pieces on "The High Summit". For anyone who is interested, here are the sleeve notes for "The High Summit."
The High Summit sleeve notes
1: Return to Kincraigie (intro)
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ale Carr – Cittern, Ali Napier - Keyboard
I've never known anyone other than my grandparents Norman and Alice Anderson to have lived at the Mains of Kincraigie and it was also here that my father Ian was dairy manager for the MacRobert Trust , like my grandfather Norman at Douneside before him. I always loved spending time at Kincraigie as a boy and when my dad was given the opportunity to take on the dairy farm as a business in the mid 1980's I started working there when I left school. My grandfather died aged 87 in 2004 and my granny who's now 94 moved in with my parents at Oldtown due to poor health in 2014 so the farmhouse at the Mains of Kincraigie became empty. My family and I moved into Kincraigie after a year of refurbishment; it felt like coming home.
2: The Rose of Glen Davan
Paul Anderson - Fiddle
Gillian Henry is the partner of my good friend Matt Milne whom she lives with at a cottage in Glen Davan. Glen Davan lies near Logie Coldstone in the Howe o’ Cromar on the edge of the beautiful Muir of Dinnet nature reserve. Gillian had asked me to write a tune for her around 2014 but it was late one night in 2017 while walking my faithful Border Terrier Dougal, that the inspiration for the “Rose” came to me.
3: Corporal Hare of the Royal Marines, The Diamond special – Quicksteps
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ali Napier – Keyboards, James Gorgon - Percussion
Corporal Jason Hare was born in North Wales and after studying engineering for three years he joined the Royal Marines, serving all over the world for fourteen years. As a Royal Marine Commando he was trained for Arctic, mountain, desert and jungle conditions and he conducted three tours of Afghanistan where he was wounded twice, the last time seriously. Now living on Deeside with his family he's the operations manager for the military service charity "Horseback UK". He loves Scotland and the odd drop of the water of life. The Diamond Special was written to commemorate the diamond wedding of my wife Shona's grandparents Peter and Gladys Webster from Huntly. They love Scottish traditional music and spending time with their family. The title was chosen by Gladys.
4: Andrew Smith of Torphins, The Philosophical fiddler – Hornpipes
Paul Anderson – Percussion, Ale Carr - Cittern
Andrew Smith who was originally from Hirn near Crathes in Aberdeenshire was one of my oldest friends having first met at a music weekend at Douneside House in November 1981. Both being aged 11 we were too young to go to the Saturday night dance so we watched the film "The Wild Geese" in the lounge instead. As a fiddler from a farming family we had much in common and when he joined the Banchory Strathspey and Reel Society shortly after, we became firm friends. Andrew had a successful career as an accountant and when he married Gillian they set up a happy home in Torphins. After a lengthy battle with cancer Andrew died in October 2013, a sad loss to all who knew him. I wrote the Philosophical Fiddler at Tomnaverie Stone Circle near Tarland during an especially tough and miserable period in my life early in 2005. Being there seemed to put things into perspective, possibly the ancient site within a beautiful landscape but I certainly felt better for the visit.
5: Bonnie Glen Quoich - Slow Air
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ali Napier - Keyboards
Glen Quoich lies just north-west of Braemar and it contains one of the last remnants of the once mighty Caledonian pine forest and it's one of my favourite spots in Scotland. The river Quoich which rises deep in the Cairngorms near Beinn a Bhuird eventually runs into the Dee to the west of Braemar.
6: Gilderoy Macgregor's Rant, The Black Colonel, The Rhynie Man – Strathspeys
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Tony McManus – Guitar, Ali Napier - Bass
Gilderoy MacGregor was employed by the farmers of Cromar to deal with the problem of cattle lifting in the 17th century but he soon became more of a menace to the district than the cattle lifters. Thought to have been a relative of Rob Roy MacGregor, Gilderoy is known to have used the Burn o' Vat near Dinner as a hideout. He was executed in 1700 along with his men in Edinburgh. John Farquharson of Inverey who was known as the "Black Colonel" due his dark hair and complexion was an amazing character in a violent age. Despite being hunted for the murder of a Ballater Laird in 1666 he spent much of his time in his own castle at Inverey near Braemar. A passionate Jacobite he fought at the battles of Bothwell Bridge and Killiecrankie and was one of Bonnie Dundee's leading lieutenants. Cornered by Redcoats in the Pass of Ballater during the "race of Tullich" he escaped on horseback up the near precipitous north side of the defile. On another occasion he escaped capture by the Redcoats when they raided Inverey but not before he blew up the castle and took to the hills. The Rhynie Man was discovered when it was ploughed up near the Aberdeenshire village of Rhynie in 1978. The six foot tall stone has the ferocious figure of an axe wielding man carved on it and its thought to date from the fifth or sixth century. Although it currently decorates the entrance to Aberdeenshire Council's headquarters at Woodhill House in Aberdeen, there is a campaign to have the warrior returned to his rightful home in Rhynie.
7: Loch Muick, Ann Riordan's Fancy – Waltzes
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ale Carr – Cittern, Ali Napier - Keyboads
Beautiful Loch Muick which is within the Balmoral estate boundaries lies to the west of Ballater in Aberdeenshire and is extremely popular with walkers. Ann Riordan is a good friend from the fishing village of Howth near Dublin in Ireland.
8: The Mar gathering - March, Ian Murray's Awa Tae Ballochbuie - Strathspey, The Muckle Spate – Reel
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ale Carr – Cittern, Ali Napier – Keyboards and Percussion
The raising of the exiled King James Stuart's standard in Braemar by the "Bobbin John" Erskine the Earl of Mar took place on the 6th of September 1715 and it heralded the start of the 1715 Jacobite rebellion. The chiefs of all the loyal highland clans were invited to the Braes o' Mar for a great deer hunt but were in realty attending a war council. The rising ultimately ended in failure after the inconclusive battle of Sherrifmuir with most of the blame falling to the ineffectual leadership of King James himself and the Earl of Mar. Ian Murray is an author, fisherman, mountaineer, folklorist and musician from Ballater and is one of my best friends. The Ballochbuie forest is south of the river Dee near Invercauld and this piece commemorates my first visit there with Ian. The muckle spate of 1829 rightly went down in history as one of the most devastating natural events to hit the north of Scotland due to the scale of the devastation it wrought. The flooding which took place from between the end of December 2015 and the first week of 2016 was the worst in living memory and certainly the worst since 1829. The town's of Ballater and Inverurie were especially badly hit with hundreds of people evacuated from their flooded homes. Anyone who witnessed our "Muckle Spate" will never forget it.
9: Braeriach - Slow Air
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Tony McManus – Guitar and E Bow, Ali Napier - Keyboards
Braeriach is found in the western massif of the Cairngorm mountains and is the third highest mountain in the British Isles, only being surpassed in height by Ben Nevis and Ben Macdui, from which it's separated by one of Scotland's great mountain passes, the Lairig Ghru.
10: The Kincraigie Hairst, The Stockmen, Anne Cromar of Morpeth – Jigs
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ale Carr - Cittern
The hairst (harvest) is one of the busiest times of the year on any farm and the Kincraigie Hairst was written while I waited in a tractor for loads of barley to be unloaded by the combine in September 2004. The Stockmen was written for my cousins John, Andrew, James and Craig Reid who are variously involved the breeding of pedigree cattle and Highland Ponies. Anne Cromar is my dad's cousin and she's from the farm of Pigdon near Morpeth in Northumberland. A jeweller to trade, Anne enjoys visits to the North-East of Scotland to visit her father Bob's family. Before settling down to farm in Northumberland, Bob served with the Gordon Highlanders during WW2 and was a keen fiddler.
11: The Bonnie Banks o’ Dee
Shona Donaldson – Vocals, Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ali Napier – Keyboards
The historic town of Falkirk in Scotland’s central belt was once home to the world’s largest cattle market and at its height in the mid 1800’s it’s believed that as many as 150,000 head of cattle from all over Scotland would assemble at one time. Around ten miles was as far as a drover would drive his cattle in a day if he wanted his livestock to arrive at the Falkirk Tryst in good condition and in my song “The Bonnie Banks o’ Dee” a young drover from Tarland, having taken the ancient Culblean drove road, beds his “kye” (cattle) down at Tullich near Ballater, where a beautiful local girl falls for him and his singing voice. I’ll leave it up to you to decide why she marries a wealthy farmer before he makes it home to Deeside. I’m grateful to Shona for her tasteful work on the lyrics and good sense in the editing.
12: The Coull Wedding March – Waltz
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ale Carr - Cittern
I wrote this tune to commemorate the wedding of my brother David to Alex Eden in Coull Kirk on the 1st of October 2016. As Alex comes from Sweden I tried to give it a Scandinavian feel and the effect was further enhanced by the wonderful musicianship of Swedish cittern master Ale Carr. Coull Kirk stands at the south eastern edge of the Howe of Cromar and was originally founded by St Nathalan in the mid 600's. The present building was erected in 1790 and my sister Heather was married to her husband Dennis Matthew here in 2007.
13: Norman Conboy (guardian of the Taj Mahal), Jim Milne, Alastair MacDougall of Hopewell, The Dee Fisherman – Reels
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ale Carr – Cittern, Ali Napier – Keyboards and Bass
Norman Conboy was a friend, skilled carpenter and talented guitarist who was a regular at the sessions in the Aberdeen Arms. He toured Denmark with me in 2013 and played on my album Land of the Standing stones the same year. He sadly passed away in the Spring of 2014 but he was an extremely interesting man having travelled extensively and the title of this piece relates to an incident that took place while he was travelling in India in the 1960's. Jim Milne CBE comes from Aberdeenshire and he's the founder and CEO of the successful Aberdeen oil company the Balmoral Group. He successfully bid for this piece at a charity dinner in Aberdeen in 2014. Although Alastair MacDougall has lived at Hopewell near Tarland for almost twenty years he's originally from Glasgow. A good friend and a wonderful singer and guitarist, Alastair is one of the founders of the Tuesday night sessions in the Aberdeen Arms in Tarland. The Dee Fisherman was written at the Mitchell pool on the river Dee, East of Ballater while my friend Ian Murray gave my dad Ian a lesson in salmon fishing. He didn't catch anything but it was a great experience.
14: Jennifer Masson Hay
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Malcolm Jones – Guitars and Accordion
Jennifer grew up in Tarland with my oldest son Hector but tragically passed away in the Summer of 2016 aged just nine years old. An outgoing and popular girl, Jennifer was keen on Judo, the Brownies and often helped her mum Gillian in the family shop in Tarland. She'll be greatly missed but fondly remembered by everyone who knew her.
15: Eleanor Henderson, The Brig o’ Tarland, Ali Napier
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ali Napier - Keyboards
This piece was commissioned by Charles Henderson to commemorate the 80th birthday of his wife Eleanor. One of her favourite songs is "The Night has a Thousand eyes" and I was asked to try an incorporate a bit into the original composition (tricky to do without completely ripping off the original). The old granite bridge over the Tarland Burn in Tarland is one of the villages best known landmarks and in the tradition of other Scottish bridges is worthy of a tune. Ali Napier is originally from Dundee but now lives in Meigle, Perthshire with his family. Ali is one of my best mates and as well as his work on this album he's collaborated with me musically many times. A superb musician and singer, he currently performs with the Dundee band "Miami Vince" and has worked with previously worked with artists like Dougie MacLean.
16: Balmoral - Slow Air
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Tony McManus – Acoustic and Electric Guitars
This piece was inspired by the beautiful landscape around the river Dee at Balmoral in Aberdeenshire and it's not hard to see why Queen Victoria and Prince Albert fell in love with it when they bought the Balmoral estate in 1852.
17: Loch Davan - Jig, The Braes o' Finzean - Jig, Birkhall - Reel
Loch Davan is a lovely loch within the Muir of Dinnet nature reserve which was formed from a glacial kettle hole. Archaeological evidence suggests that the major settlement of "Devana" as mentioned by the Roman historian Ptolemy was situated here and a local legend tells that in the year 89 the Roman General Gnenus Tabellus marched a force into the Braes of Mar via Glenshee in an attempt to subdue the North. Tabellus was slain during a disastrous battle near what is now Braemar and after advancing to the forest of Culblean near Loch Davan, the remaining Roman force under the newly elected leader Clielius were once again routed. Finzean is a district found along the banks of the river Feugh in Aberdeenshire and it is believed to have been settled by Hunter gatherers 8000 years ago. The land in the district has been owned by the Farquharson family since the 1700's and it was the home of the famous landscape painter Joseph Farquharson. It was the childhood home of my granny Alice Anderson (nee Cromar) who was brought up at the farm of Midclune and its an area the whole family are still very fond of. Birkhall is a 53,000 acre estate on the banks of the river Muick near Ballater in Aberdeenshire and it's a favourite home of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. This was composed for a party in Birkhall which I'd been invited to perform.
18: Shona Donaldson - Slow Air
Paul Anderson – Fiddle, Ali Napier - Keyboards
I wrote this piece for my beautiful wife Shona while waiting in Vancouver airport just a few months after we became a couple. Shona who hails from Huntly is one of Scotland's top traditional Scots singers and in 2009 was voted Scots singer of the year at the BBC Alba Scots Trad Music Awards and in 2016 she became the first female to win the coveted Bothie Ballad Champion of Champion's award in the events 36 year history.

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