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Paul is one of Scotland’s most successful fiddle tutors with his pupils regularly winning fiddle championships all over Scotland. Notable pupils include Anne Nicol, Kathryn Matthews, Stuart Robertson, Eilidh Anderson, George and Stuart Davidson and Glenfiddich Scottish Fiddle Champions Raemond Jappy and Nicola Auchnie. Paul is also in regular demand as a workshop leader and lecturer having led workshops at St Andrew’s University, Aberdeen University, the traditional music course at Benbecula college, all five North Atlantic Fiddle Conventions and workshops in Canada, Australia and the USA. Contact Paul to book a lesson.

Raemond Jappy and Nicola Auchnie.

Feedback comments from Paul pupils:

“Paul has been a great help to me, his lessons were really informative as he knows a lot about how tunes should be played and the stories behind them. He is really good at picking out the small details in your playing that will help you improve, such as how a piece should be bowed, rhythm, ornamentation and dynamics. In thoroughly enjoyed his lessons and would recommend him to anyone who would like to take their playing to the next level.”

Nicola Auchnie, Glenfiddich Scottish Fiddle Champion 2010, fiddler to the Marquis of Huntly 2009.

“Paul’s teaching style was refreshing and detail oriented. I was expecting, as many trad fiddle teachers tend to do and say, ‘just do it like this!’. With Paul,it was different, the core analysis of each note was paramount. Tone, colour and connection from one note to the next Paul told me, is “where the player’s attention should be.” This approach to teaching is very present in today’s classical world of violin pedagogy. It’s truly a rare gem to find this method in the fiddle tutoring world.”

Calum Pasqua, U.S Scottish Fiddle Champion 2012, Glenfiddich Fiddle Champion 2007, fiddler to the Marquis of Huntly 2008.

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